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You guessed it, my name is Paul Sanders.


I help CTOs and CISOs in financial services adopt and govern the public cloud, whilst giving their business users freedom to innovate. Living in Manchester, UK I am married with two boys and a girl, who keep me busy!

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I'm a consultant who focuses on defining the framework to build an adaptable and secure landing zone for your business users to innovate using the latest technology.

Do you see a world where your IT strategy and governance function is business led, where your IT provision becomes an enabler to the business, guiding them on the journey to their business strategy? Imagine a world where the red tape and silos between your business users and complicated governance processes are gone. That's my goal.

This will be a place for me to document my ideas, processes and strategies to help you and your IT organisation transition to a business led culture, while keeping everything secure.

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I've done a whole bunch of certs.

As I am building a managed service provider, we need to have several team members with a set of certifications to make the partner requirements - which means I have a whole bunch of MS certs. They are also good to have!


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